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International Studies



Minoring in International Studies involves an interdisciplinary examination of the forces that shape the globe through courses in geography, political science, history, economics, sociology, art and communications. You’ll gain a broader sense of the world and your place in it—by studying cultures (food, music, art, literature) that provide its vibrancy; systems (economic, political, sociological, historical) that shape its challenges; and opportunities (via geography, technology, communications, youth) that show its future potential—as you take 22 credit hours toward an international studies minor in conjunction with a different bachelor’s degree major. You’ll also experience real learning beyond the classroom, developing your global perspective through study abroad opportunities, language study, and internships with government agencies, businesses, banks and other agencies with international connections. And because we design our international studies program to be responsive to the exact needs of the marketplace, it will be a relevant minor if you intend to pursue a career in international service and business, non-governmental organizations, human rights advocacy, the Foreign Service, the Peace Corps or another related field in the humanities and social sciences.