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Is the Middle East CSP market ripe for investment?
Samedi, 28 Septembre 2013 11:18



Two markets currently dominate the CSP scene in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia with its target of deploying 25 GW of CSP by 2032, and the UAE following the launch of Shams 1. Ever since these developments, the global CSP supply chain has been awakened by the tremendous potential of these economies.

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At last a glimmer of hope for Spanish CSP?
Samedi, 28 Septembre 2013 10:35

It is good to be bad in Spain right now. In recent weeks Catalunya, one of the country’s richest autonomous communities, has taken to the streets to seek a vote on independence that the central government claims is anti-constitutional.

Meanwhile Madrid mayor Ana Botella’s valiant but failed attempt to win the Olympic Games for the capital has been pilloried by the public. And in July a citizen-led group published a ‘civil disobedience’ guide on how to take over bank-owned, vacant properties.

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Is bigger always better?
Mercredi, 14 Août 2013 17:14

Achieving the optimum size for CSP plants is a critical challenge not just from a technology approach but also from a financial point of view.

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CSP Key Players Focus on the Desert
Mardi, 13 Août 2013 17:48


 By the end of 2013, the largest solar power plants in the world will be generating power from the sun and they won't be using photovoltaic (PV) technology. Brightsource's 277-MW Ivanpah in California, Areva's 250-MW project in Rajasthan, India and many others are all set to come online by the end of the year. The 100-MW Shams 1 project commenced operation in Abu Dhabi in March. "The outlook for CSP has never been brighter," said Alison Mason, Director of Marketing at SkyFuel.   

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