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CSP-Geothermal hybrid project to be funded by US Department of Energy
Projets Csp - Projets Csp
Jeudi, 11 Juillet 2013 13:40

The US Department of Energy has awarded $149,900 for a research that will study the differential data from retrofitting a concentrated solar thermal array to the existing geothermal electrical generation system currently installed at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in Klamath Falls Oregon.According to Rappaport Energy Consulting (REC), the applicant of the project, it has been included in the Small Business Innovative Research program.

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Low-cost policy solutions that can reduce risk, promote investment, and drive innovation in the CSP industry
Csp - Industrie
Jeudi, 11 Juillet 2013 12:36

The Center for American Progress (CAP) has released a report titled "Fulfilling the Promise of Concentrating Solar Power" where the institution "details why the United States should invest in concentrating solar power and delineate the market and regulatory challenges to the innovation and deployment of CSP technology".Fortunately, the CAP states that CSP is "a proven energy technology with a 30-year track record".

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ASE and Chiyoda commission new parabolic trough test loop with molten salt as HTF
Cylindro parablique - Technologies et procédés
Jeudi, 11 Juillet 2013 12:06

taly's Archimede Solar Energy and Japan's Chiyoda have successfully commissioned their new parabolic trough test loop with molten salt as heat transfer fluid (HTF) and thermal energy storage system.

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Spain's National Court rejects appeal from Acciona and SENER regarding a CSP plant by SolarReserve
Projets Csp - Projets Csp
Jeudi, 11 Juillet 2013 12:00

Spain's National Court (NC) has rejected an appeal from Acciona and SENER against the award of a Concentrated Solar Power plant to US' SolarReserve back in 2010.The plant was awarded in an extraordinary tender for an 'experimental plant' announced on November, 2010. SolarReserve's project was awarded among five projects filed including a project proposed by a consortium by Acciona and SENER.

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