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Accelerated ageing of collectors
Cylindro parablique - Technologies et procédés
Vendredi, 13 Juin 2014 11:22

Scientists at Fraunhofer ISE are investigating the ageing of solar collectors and their components under extreme climatic conditions in the Negev Desert in Israel.

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Rotating receiver heats up ceramic beads
Cylindro parablique - Matériaux
Vendredi, 13 Juin 2014 11:16

Until now, tube receivers have been used in solar tower power plants to absorb the concentrated solar rays and convert them into heat. The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is now pursuing a new approach. In a rotating receiver, ceramic particles are evenly heated up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. The advantage of this is that the beads also act as a storage medium. The centrifugal receiver at the Jülich solar tower is scheduled to enter operation from mid-2015.

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Viessmann wins Otti Innovation Award
Technologies thermqiues - Technologies et procédés
Vendredi, 06 Juin 2014 09:54

Last Thursday, Viessmann won the Innovation Award at the Otti Symposium "Solar Thermal Energy" for a new vacuum tube collector.

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Australian gov't research body claims major breakthrough in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
Csp - Industrie
Vendredi, 06 Juin 2014 09:32

Australia's peak scientific research body has claimed a major breakthrough in renewable energy that it claims has the potential to make concentrated solar power cost-competitive with coal and gas as a source of power.

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