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Crescent Dunes, 'the other CSP tower', enters commisioning phase
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 18:36

dunes.jpgIt's not been a good idea to release a story like this just at the same time the Ivanpah CSP plant was being dedicated by Energy Secretary Ernst Moniz, but, apart from this 'marketing failure', this story is really great news and another major milestone for the CSP industry.

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ENEA joins the HITECO project developing a parabolic trough receiver for CSP plants
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 18:30

mmm.jpgThe EU funded project HITECO has welcomed ENEA as new member of the consortium researchng and developing a new solar collector concept for high temperature operations in CSP applications. The project is led by Spanish firm Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas....

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What has happened in Spain with CSP FiT?
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 18:14
What has happened in Spain with CSP FiT?

The Energy Ministry has recently released a draft proposal for the parameters to estimate the 'reasonable return' or 'profitability' to be applied to all renewable energy generators, eliminating the previous Feed-in-Tariff scheme.The Government has established a profitability of 7.39% for current projects, based on the 10-year state bonds performance plus 300 points and has created 18 'standards' under which every Concentrated Solar Power plant will be fit. 

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World’s Tallest CSP Solar Power Tower Completed
Mercredi, 26 Février 2014 17:09

CSP.jpgWorld’s Tallest CSP Solar Power Tower Completed.Solar Reserve completes the 540-foot tower for its 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Project.Now only 10,000 mirrors to go.Construction has been completed on the world's tallest solar power tower by Solar Reserve, a utility-scale solar thermal developer.


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