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Spanish researchers develop nanofluid to improve efficiency of CSP plants
Technologies thermqiues - Technologies et procédés
Jeudi, 04 Décembre 2014 16:32

Researchers at Spain's Universitat Jaume I (UJI) have developed a new nanofluid with higher thermal conductivity over currently ones being used. The nanofluid could replace existing heat transfer fluids (HTF) currently used in Concentrated Solar Power plants to increase their performance.

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IBM's New Sunflower-Shaped Solar Concentrators Produce Energy AND Fresh Water!
Technologies thermqiues - Applications
Vendredi, 26 Septembre 2014 15:42

IBM Research and Swiss solar technology company Airlight Energy just unveiled a cutting-edge solar system that resembles a 10-meter-high sunflower!

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Flowserve completes pumping engineering for two CSP plants
Cylindro parablique - Industrie
Vendredi, 26 Septembre 2014 15:32

Engineering for the key pumping system at Ouarzazate CSP plant (also known as Noor I) in Morocco and Bokpoort CSP plant in South Africa, has been completed and pumps manufacturing is undergoing.

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Development of Ray Tracing Code for Modeling Linear Fresnel Collector Systems
National - Publications
Jeudi, 17 Juillet 2014 10:42

Code development activities presented in this paper belong to CHAMS-1 project supported by the IRESEN (Institute of Research on Solar and New Energy-Morocco). Its scientific and technological aim is to develop a new generation of Concentrating Solar Power plant (CSP) suitable for a medium concentrating solar thermal electricity generation closed to the grid parity.

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