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Spain's National Court rejects appeal from Acciona and SENER regarding a CSP plant by SolarReserve
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Jeudi, 11 Juillet 2013 12:00

Spain's National Court (NC) has rejected an appeal from Acciona and SENER against the award of a Concentrated Solar Power plant to US' SolarReserve back in 2010.The plant was awarded in an extraordinary tender for an 'experimental plant' announced on November, 2010. SolarReserve's project was awarded among five projects filed including a project proposed by a consortium by Acciona and SENER.

The project by Acciona and SENER, a CSP-Biomass hybrid plant achieved a better score in the technology and economic sections, with 790 points against 629 for SolarReserve, but it failed in the administrative section (environmental impact statements, interconnection permits,...) with 0 points against 200 for SolarReserve.

The appeal was based on a WkiLeaks wire regarding a meeting on January 25, 2010, between US Ambassador to Spain, Alan Solomont and former Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastian, among other members of Spanish governmental staff., where Solomont reportedly asked to Sebastian about projects for CSP plants applied by SolarReserve. Pedro Marin, Secretary of Energy at that time, said the projects were filed after the deadline and exceeding the maximum power set to 50 MW for CSP projects in Spain, "It would be difficult for the GOS to allow Solar Reserve to "jump the queue" ahead of all the other companies (Sebastian said "thousands of megawatts") that had applied between May and December", the wire says.

Furthermore, the wire reports that "the Ambassador acknowledged Sebastian's and Marin's comments. He noted that the company was willing to accept a tariff that was significantly lower than the tariff other companies were receiving (note: this is a condition of the alternate legal route) and urged the Minister and the Secretary to look at the company's arguments again and see if anything could be done. He said the USG interest was partly in business terms and partly because of the symbolic importance".

The Court rejects the appeal and believes the scoring criteria was right. Furthermore, the wires revealed by WikiLeaks are considered evidences obtained by unlawful means and will not be taken into account.

The project by SolarReserve called Termosolar Alcazar is a 50 MW tower plant with molten salt as HTF and storage system, similar to the Crescent Dunes plant being built in Nevada by the company but almost half the power.

The project by Acciona and SENER, a 50 MW hybrid CSP-Biomass plant called PTC50 Alvarado, as previously reported by CSP World, was awarded past December 2012 with €70 million from the NER300 programme of the European Union, although due to new regulatory framework, the project won't be built.

Source: El Pais



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